Things We Missed

Things We Missed
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Sex for favors? Is Lesbian OK to say? Does John Edwards have another kid?

It's been a weird few days for us at the Dish (don't worry, we're OK and it's nothing you did) and we missed a few stories that should be near and dear to our hearts.

1) Sexual favors for regular favors? Uh, yeah.
Gawker wanted to point out that CNN is looking for people that have traded sex for favors. Sure. But they're actually looking for people that have traded sex for favors outside of a traditional relationship. They want to know if you've traded business for the business. We would say that this is more or less the foundation of every single porno and possibly every marriage or purchase of bottle service at a club. But sleeping with someone just to get a discount on crown molding installation is kind of trashy.

2) Not all Greeks are Lesbians but all homosexual women are.
According to Reuters that bid to get gay ladies to stop using the word 'Lesbian' has been shot down by a Greek court. The residents of the Greek island of Lesbos had had it up to here with the confusion. Native of Intercourse, PA were pretty disheartened. They've had to explain their whole lives that, "yes, we all come from intercourse by I actually come from Intercourse. That was a totally unintentional quadruple entendre."

3) John Edwards: Love Machine?
The LA Times opines that the blogosphere is ready to pounce on or ignore this rumor that John Edwards (former Senator from North Carolina not the guy who talks to dead people) has a mistress/ love child etc. The National Enquirer claims they conducted a thorough investigation and this whole thing is actual-factual. It's a bummer that they burned their credibility on that Batboy story. The right wing is crying foul that the media is giving this one a pass and not treating it like Larry Craig. Which makes sense because John Edwards is a private citizen (and a touch weasel-y) and was not caught trying to solicit an undercover police officer for sex in a bathroom. You can bet that if Barack Obama were to choose Edwards as a running mate that every media outlet on Earth would be all over this. But does Obama really need the handsome, rich, North Carolinian vote badly enough to deal with that headache?