Sienna Miller Still Not A Home Wrecker?

Sienna Miller Still Not A Home Wrecker?

Balthazar Getty and his wife breakup.

FemaleFirst is reporting that actor and heir Balthazar Getty issue a statement about his breakup from wife Rosetta. His official statement was something about sorry (for the kids) and embarrassed about the Sienna Miller photos (like the topless one with the captain's hat) and that he and Rosetta are splitting and no further comments. Weird that divorce never got bandied about.

Other reports say that Rosetta is terribly humiliated by how public this thing got. Uh, that's more or less how Sienna Miller rolls. Miller's most recent films (fine, all of them) have not had a tremendous amount of success at the box office* and her performances have been OK, but can anyone answer why she's so famous? She has allegedly slapped bellies with an awful lot of famous dudes but is her rough treatment at the hands slick Jude Law the real catalyst for her fame? And if so, does behavior her count as ironic, coincidental, postmodern, or just trashy?

We're not dumping all of this blame in this little honey trap's lap; it takes a pair of people to polka (as we say at YourTango) and Getty's lack of sensitivity (and more) to his family is super lame. It just su-su-sucks to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time for Miller. Don't be surprised if a posse formed by Rosetta Getty, Kate Moss, Kim Porter, and Robin Wright Penn whoops that ass 1 day. Or not, maybe all that other stuff is a plot by a media out to get her. But probably not.

*Stardust made at least $135 million against a $70 million budget, though Miller's role was relatively minor. We expect the ensemble GI Joe to make a ton of cash too.