A Beauty Myth?

A Beauty Myth?

Are you 20% more attractive than you think?

I've been thinking a lot about beauty lately: construction involving saws, drills and copious amounts of dust is being done out of my apartment, so I haven't been at home. For a week, I've gone granola and lived without makeup, a blowdryer, cute outfits or more than one pair of shoes. With the exception of a hairbrush, none of the worldly possessions I've lugged around NYC in my LeSportsac overnight bag have anything to do with primping.

I realize a lot of women -- sadly -- can't imagine living like that. I never thought of myself as particularly shallow, but I've realized this blemished, sweaty, frizzy-haried week that I am more vain than I thought. Even though intellectually I know no one probably cares how I look, I've felt more than a little blah all week -- especially around the guy I'm dating.

Apparently, none of us self-conscious folks should worry though, because the London Daily Mail (though it's not a paper known for the most reputable articles, admittedly), says I'm perceived as "20 percent more beautiful" than I think I am:

Research shows that others see you as 20 percent more attractive than you think you are. That's because, when you look in the mirror, you're simply judging yourself on looks. All you can see is your reflection - but none of the personality.

I guess that's good news...but what "research" is proving this? As a writer, I wish the Daily Mail had backed this statement up. Is it actual research or a just a b.s., made-up statistic?

I guess it doesn't really matter: my own anecdotal evidence from guys I've dated has shown that they don't even notice, or care, about whether a girl is wearing makeup. For sure, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a love cliche to live by.


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