Billy Bob & Angelina To Reunite?

Billy Bob & Angelina To Reunite?

Another project on tap for the former couple?

Do you remember when Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie had that really weird red carpet interview? He talked about f*cking, she had his name tattooed, there were vials of blood, and it all seemed to last like 3 years? And after watching for a few minutes you were like, "hey, what was so wrong with spending more time with that goofy brother of hers?" And then that era came to an end. Soon after the Brad Pitt era began and it was good. Maybe too good.

According to an interview with Maxim (via, Billy Bob says that he and Angelina have been looking for another project for years, but not playing a couple. The 2 were last in Pushing Tin back in 1999 and were later married. Which appears to follow a bit of a trend, though Pitt and Jolie are not, technically, married.

Billy Bob put Brad on blast back in June, referring to Pitt-Jolie as a "high school phase," albeit 1 with 6 children and not 1 accidental kid after Winter Formal. Brad Pitt cannot be pleased with BB Thorn's jawboning. And could even be a little nervous about a reconciliation. Though this could provide the exit strategy that we've always felt he lacked. Hmm. "No, honey. Go ahead and make the movie. You guys could even play exes who reunite. What do I have to worry about? I'll have my architecture and your kids, I mean our kids, to keep me busy. Enjoy, see if there's maybe a sequel opportunity, people seem to love these Ocean's movies that Clooney and I keep making." We heard that Brad and Angelina recently had their 5th and 6th kids, congratulations.

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