Fake Wife Divorced In India

Fake Wife Divorced In India

Impersonator tricks Indian divorce court.

Why has no one thought of this before? A man, Sanjib Saha, in Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta like Mumbai was once Bombay) has been charged with some legal shenanigans after using an impersonator to represent his wife in their divorce case according to Reuters. The real wife was then thrown out of her home and was more than a touch confused.

She sought a lawyer, who assured her that it was not a legal move. The divorce has since been suspended and Saha is facing charges in exploiting that legal "loophole." We know that sometimes people make bad decisions when getting divorced, especially when there's another woman involved, but in what crazy world did he think he wasn't going to be found out?

There are probably certain lawless places where this kind of thing might work but, evidently, Kolkata is not one of them. Sometimes the City of Joy turns right back into the City of Due Process for scheming husbands.

We wonder if the impersonator is going to be charged? Also did she use false documentation? Did the court just not think that someone would be dumb enough to try something like this? Or did Sanjib Saha use the Craigslist Kolkata to find someone that had the exact same name as his wife? With 1.1 billion people, it probably wouldn't be that tough.