YouTube Divorce Granted

YouTube Divorce Granted

Tricia Walsh-Smith is finally free.

Remember when that crazy woman went on YouTube and accused her husband of doing crazy stuff? And then some people were like: that was sort of funny but she's crazy the crazy one. And the husband was like: that wasn't very nice and don't film this in stuff in my home no more. And other people were like: this is not going to help her win her divorce case. Well, maybe everyone was a little right. According to The New York Post, Phillip Smith was granted a divorce from Tricia Walsh-Smith on the grounds of her shabby treatment of him.

The judge ruled that the prenup that the couple signed before their 1999 wedding was still valid and that she needs to leave their home within 30 days. He has to pay her $750,000. The losing side will likely appeal and we hope it's not another appeal to the court of public opinion. We've had just about enough of Kooky Eyes McGee. We wonder what this does for her prospects of landing another rich Broadway guy.

So, it just goes to show you that revenge is a dish best served cold. Or is it "what goes around comes around"? Is it "do unto others as you would have done unto you"? We have no idea what the moral is but we do know that most divorce advice involves taking the high road. And sometimes tiny acts of insurrection that can in no way be traced back to you.