Internet Dating Is For Oldsters

Internet Dating Is For Oldsters

Seniors are using the web these days for romance.

Seniors turning to internet dating is actually a trend that makes a lot of sense. Seriously, where is an old guy (or gal) going to meet an old gal (or guy)? The discotheque is probably out. College or high school doesn't really work. And forget about the gym. What does that leave? Church? The market? The speakeasy? The old swimming hole? The five-and-dime? The International House Of Pancakes? Sure, you can go to the senior center but that place feels like that's the Cancun of mature living. Yeah, you can probably go home with someone after putting on a little Dean Martin but there' a good chance that some other Arnold Palmer had his dentures on that nightstand last night. And the rumor mongering in those places would make Blair Waldorf blush.

The Chicago Tribune
is reporting that more and more seniors are turning to the world wide internet for romance. And why not? We're guessing that some seniors (pre-boomers and the like) are a little nervous about using the web. Then someone sends them a video of a kitty doing something hilarious and it's web-time in the Golden Years. Drugs, diet, and exercise are making sex possible (as a result STD rates for seniors are climbing, omelets and eggs). The most interesting thing, though, is that these older folks are resisting the urge to get remarried for a 2nd, 3rd, or 10th time and instead are cohabiting. Evidently, free milk isn't as big of a concern as it once was or maybe the Greatest Generation is over its post-Depression guilt.