When You Google Regrets

When You Google Regrets

Everyone regrets something when it comes to love.

What's your biggest regret?

In high school, I kissed a guy who wasn't my boyfriend. I never really had a shot with the guy, but he wrote me some great, very romantic emails. Like letters, you could say. And my boyfriend at the time made me delete all of them.

That was seven years ago and I still wish I had them. And even though it's probably wrong, I think erasing those emails forever from my AOL account is one of my biggest regrets.

Folk singer Chris Blake also a little wistful, so he Googled "my biggest regret" and posted what he found inside a music video.:

Not surprisingly, people regret all kinds of actions and inactions and when it comes to love, the answers run from bittersweet to saucy:"Not going to college single."
"Leaving the Webcam on."
"Getting married so young and not finishing college."
"Not grabbing the most gorgeous girl I've seen in my life when I had the perfect opportunity."
"Not leaving sooner."
"Not sleeping with that gymnast that had the hots for me."
"Sleeping with my girlfriend's mother."
"Going out with all the psychos."

Yeah, I wish I hadn't done that last one, either.

Tell us in the comments section below: what's your biggest regret?