Joss Stone & Nelly Dating?

Joss Stone & Nelly Dating?

Are the rap and soul stars wrapping each other's soles?

This is a new one. According to The Daily Mirror, the rapper Nelly and singer Joss Stone have been on a few dates. Evidently, Joss has been a bit broken up since her breakup with Beau Dozier in 2005 and this Nelly thing could be just what she needed. Evidently, some members of the press think that Joss speaks with an American accent and we hope that she somehow picks up a little of Nelly's country grammar. Hearing Joss talk about not "growin' up round hurr," would be delightful.

Producer (and one-time guest of the Dubai prison system) Dallas Austin has a theory about Joss Stone and it has something to do with trading physical love for studio love. He also mentioned Christina Aguilera doing likewise and everyone knows that she's just a sex enthusiast, irrespective of the outcome on her music career. So, does Joss Stone have to prove anything to Dallas Austin? Probably not, but if she's singing the hook on the next Nelly club-banger then maybe we'll reevaluate.

Until then they're just a couple of kids from The Lou, Mizzou (St. Louis, Missouri) and Devon, England looking to have a good time and maybe make some sense out of this crazy world. Hopefully, this will show up in Bossip's Swirl today or tomorrow.

Image From: BBC