Fraud Convict Kozlowski To Get Divorced

Fraud Convict Kozlowski To Get Divorced

The Tyco case is over and so is the convicted bossman's marriage.

Do you remember Dennis Kozlowski? He was the poster child for corporate governance run amok. Or, perhaps, the fall guy for the late 90's graft. Either way, Kozlowski was imprisoned in 2005 for misappropriating roughly $600 million in Tyco corporate funds for personal use. While Kozlowski maintains his innocence, he appears resigned to his fate. According to the New York Post, Kozlowski and wife Karen are getting divorced. Kozlowski has up to 22-some years left on his sentence (or as few as 5) and, per lawyer Martin Haines, doesn't expect her to wait for him.

You may remember the high point of the Kozlowski craziness as the Jimmy Buffett/ Roman-themed birthday party Kozlowski threw for Karen. The fiesta went down to the tune of 2 million bucks, half of which the Tyco paid for as an investor meeting. The former waitress filed for divorce in 2006.

To be fair, this is probably the best way for the couple to salvage much. The Boca Raton (literally Rat Mouth) home ought to fetch $30 million and even after all the taxes it still beats waiting tables. It's funny that Kanye mentions the prenup and Tyco in his song "Gold Digger." We're not inferring anything, it's just a weird coincidence.

Kozlowski is set to appeal his fraud conviction in the fall. We wonder if an overturned conviction would lead to an immediate reconciliation. We know that innocent people don't apologize, but it really feels like a mea culpa would go a long way here. Our divorce advice would be to, you know, say sorry (no need to take off your glasses) and hope for the best.