Celebrity News Grab Bag

Celebrity News Grab Bag

Breakups, make-outs, outings, and pregnancies.

OK. It looks like there are way too many important celeb stories today to give them there own post, so we decided to throw them all in and let you sort it out for yourself. On the roster are Jennifer Garner, Kiki Dunst, Cleveland Brown Brady Quinn, Salma Hayek. The topics are dating a rebounding Justin Long, inaccurate outing, broken engagements, and pregnancy scares/rumors.

Brady Quinn, it turns out, is not gay. The handsome former Notre Dame star and current Cleveland Browns quarterback had his shirtless likeness put on an advertisement for a gay dating site according to TMZ. The footballer player is not, for the record, a homosexual. But the doe-eyed, hairless athlete piqued a little interest for the site. The candid nature of the photo may have lead some users to believe its authenticity or authorization. His sister married another football player named AJ Hawk last year, so from that you can tell that he may or may not be gay.

So much for a Long rebound. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long split not too long ago and he's already back in the saddle and possibly dating Kirsten Dunst. Digital Spy says the 2 were seen in the SoHo district of New York and kissing was involved. I'm-A-Mac is really becoming a, uh, mack. We wish him the best of luck in his Hollyweird conquests and success on the big screen. But that guy would be perfect for a New York-based sitcom. I'm-A-PC, John Hodgman, deserves some girly action. Sarah Silverman is single and appears OK with schlubby dudes.

According to the BBC, and every other news outlet on the Sun's 3rd planet, Salma Hayek has called off her engagement to Francois-Henri Pinault. Reps say that Hayek was the mastermind of the breakup but refused to elaborate. One wonders if Robert Rodriguez's recent breakup shook anything loose inside the tiny Mexican actress. Pinault ought to rebound just fine. He's the director of PPR, the parent company of Gucci and YSL. He just needs to go out, find an up-and-coming starlet that would be easily impressed and Gucci the sh*t out of her.

What a ride for Jennifer Garner and BenAffleck. A few weeks ago the rumors were all, "Bennifer 2 is on the ropes. Blah blah blah." And now it looks like Ben Affleck is going to be a second time dad, according to FemaleFirst. While the actors themselves have not admitted to the new addition, one of Garner's costars let something slip about the whole thing. Okeedokee then. Don't you think these guys would be some of the best parents ever? Seriously, Ben Affleck seems like the kind of dad that would give you a great big scowling if you ever acted up and then smother you with hugs. And don't get us started on the pull-my-finger with Affleck. And Garner has that perpetually youthful look, so Hot Mom. Let's hope this one is true and not the other rumor. We couldn't bear the thought of being so happy and excited and then having our hearts smashed into 1 million pieces.