K-Fed To Get Full Custody

K-Fed To Get Full Custody

Britney Spears got nada in the custody deal. Is that a good thing?

We did not see this coming, but should have. According to Yahoo News, Britney Spears is all set to give Kevin Federline 100% custody of Small Fry and Tater Tot. The 2 are supposed to meet today to finish this up. K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Kaplan announced this news to E! today.

Evidently, this was not part of the original plan. K-Fed's legal crew wanted the dancer, prancer, pull-down-you're-pants-er to get primary custody while setting a program for Britney to earn custody. And that crew got served. Sometimes plans backfire, ya'll. The current deal is flexible enough to change as future needs arrive. For his part, Federline acknowledged that Brit-Brit's dad, Jamie Spears, has really started getting things going right in the pop star's life through his guardianship over her estate. Good to know.

Do you remember the movie Made? It was John Favreau and Vince Vaughn's attempt to recapture some of that Swingers lightning-in-a-bottle. Famke Janssen played Favreau's stripper girlfriend and ends up just giving him her daughter. Yeah, that strikes no chords with us whatsoever, in this case.

We're psyched that things seem to be going well for Britney but this makes us wonder if young stars need to take classes in not wrecking their lives. Who is most responsible for them? The label? The studio? The agent? The parents? These forces should think about conspiring to create a boot camp for child and teen stars to learn a few things about predatory adults in the big bad real world. We heard somewhere that Macaulay Culkin is relatively down-to-Earth, maybe he could throw this together. Or at least create a show on E! about it. "Kids, transparency is the most important thing in any of your early investments. We'll get to Swiss accounts later. Make sure that someone is watching your parents preferably someone with a regular job so they can't be bought off easily. And remember to just say 'no' to Annie Leibowitz. She won't 'be your best friend' either way."

Photo from: iVillage