Mass. Appeal Of Gay Marriage

Mass. Appeal Of Gay Marriage

Massachusetts is 1 step away from lifting the out-of-state marriage ban.

Mass. Senate Says: Bring It On
The Massachusetts Senate voted to repeal a 1913 law that prohibited out-of-state couples from getting married in the Bay State. The Mass. House is planning on voting on the repeal next week according to Sign On San Diego. At that point the Governor, Deval Patrick, would have 10 days to sign it into life. Patrick's daughter recently came out of the closet.

Obviously, the big deal with this is that it will allow gay couples from other states the chance to get married. This is sure to cause some headaches and heartaches for other states that don't, to this day, recognize gay marriage. The interesting thing about the 1913 law was the racial tinge. Back in those days, most states did not allow interracial marriage (though Mass. has since 1843). So, as a gesture of good will to the less enlightened states, they enacted a law to keep their reason and morality to themselves. History lesson.

Not On The Census
The Boston Channel is reporting that despite the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts and California, that the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 will prevent gay couples from registering as married on the 2010 census. The census does do their best to count gay couples but does not consider gay couples without kids a family. Which begs the question: do you need kids to be a family? Let's table that for another time. We've always thought of gay marriage as states rights issue, but all this interstate/ national action makes us rethink that a little.

This is sure to be a "wedge issue" in the fall