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Couple Survives Inspiration Point Fall

Couple Survives Inspiration Point Fall

A Wisconsin couple fell 150 feet after failing to set the parking brake.

Let this be a lesson to anyone fornicating in a beautiful locale: be aware of your surroundings. A sex-loving couple in Wisconsin neglected to set their parking brake and the motion of the ocean sent their car to a 150-foot fall per the local CBS affiliate. They survived with bruises and broken bones.

We sure hope he got out in time, otherwise trauma. What's the lesson? Always use protection even if that protection is just engaging your emergency brake. Remember this little rhyme: if this car's a-rockin' the parkin' brake is probably not a-lockin,' so you may not be c*ck a-blockin' if you come a-knockin' and remind 'em they should be a-dockin.' But don't let this turn you away from adventurous out-of-doors sex. Know the risks, know your surroundings, and plan accordingly. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.


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