A-Rod's All-Star Bash Firmly On The Chain

A-Rod's All-Star Bash Firmly On The Chain

What if Alex Rodriguez threw a party and nobody came?

Dammit. Can something please start going A-Rod's way? OK, outside of the biggest contract in baseball, his good-looks, transcendent talent, and way with the ladies, what does Alex Rodriguez really have going for him? We don't know. He could have a world-class novel in there somewhere but lately not much has been good and it continued Monday night when A-Rod threw a party at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club and no other Yankees came according to the New York Post.

The Yankee 3rd Baseman's party, wisely, did not include Madonna but his mom made it as did the rep he shares with the Material Girl, Guy Oseary. That sucks. We know that part of the problem is the money he's making and the dick moves that former agent Scott Boras has made. But what would it take for A-Rod to be loved? Sure, clutch play would help but what about donating like $100,000 to The Kids every time he hits a homer? He'll probably hit 30 or so this year, hardly chump change, but it would have The Kids rooting for him to knock one out every time. Then he could buy watches or vacations for his teammates. That would win 'em over, right? Or maybe they would appreciate if he saved his relationship drama for the off-season.

The Post reports that other New York infielders faired much better with their respective parties. The Captain, Derek Jeter, had a party at Marquee that Michael Jordan. Jeter's femme du jour, Minka Kelly, Friday Night Light's Lyla Garrity, was in the house and all up on the Yankee shortstop on the dance floor.

And the other NY 3rd baseman, David Wright of the Mets, hosted a Vitamin Water party. Not sure if Wright's girl Molly Beers was there. The shindig featured Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively as well as funnyman Paul Rudd and Yankee stud Joba Chamberlain.

That sucks. Hopefully, the Post's sources missed a few of the A-List guests at A-Rod's party. Otherwise, total bummer, man.

Photo from: NYMag.com