Young Hollywood Wants To Wed?

Young Hollywood Wants To Wed?
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Wedding bells soon for Timberlake and Biel? Milo and Hayden?

Oh, the young turks are talkin' nuptials. Per Harper's Bazaar via People, Jessica Biel thinks that marriage would be pretty neato. And while she and my man Justin Timberlake reportedly don't have anything in the works, she says she's looking forward to the prospect one day. And motherhood. And 'having it all.' And all that entails. Time will tell if all that fun goes down. It would be sort of the ideal situation. JT makes enough money that Jessica Biel could sign onto passion projects and treat acting as more of a hobby than a job.

Milo Ventimiglia is reportedly thinking engagement. According to InTouch, the Heroes star is ring shopping and an "insider," says that his 18-year old costar, Hayden Panettiere, wants to be engaged by year's end. InTouch even went out on a limb and said that Peter Petrelli's portrayer plans to put up $200K for the ring and the Cartier has been mentioned. How in the world do these people know all this? This is crazy. We would be so mad if our friends spilled the frijoles like this. We're guessing a civilian bumped into Ventimiglia at Cartier, saw the ring, and placed a call to one of the magazine's fluffers*. He rest is probably surmising. Either way, we like his instinct to go ahead and lock Hayden Panettiere into a long-term deal. He's seen what can happen (Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox) if you don't take these things seriously. We think that Ventimiglia could wind up being super-famous in his own right but Panettiere is a catch. And what do you do with a catch? You hold onto it with all your might. Or do you let something go, if you love it? Her relatively young age and his level of smitten may be a little weird, but who gives a peanut? The only thing that we find slightly creepy, and we'll get over it is that they play relatives on TV. Real life chemistry could make for some awkward onscreen sexual tension. What do you think, is she too young? Is he too into her? Will their romance wreck the show? Wouldn't both of them be great on Gossip Girl?

*Note: Gossip aides in the media industry are stringers not fluffers.

Not to sound like we're Dana Carvey's Grumpy Old Man ("That's the way it was and we liked it"), but it's sort of refreshing to hear that some young celebs still think marriage isn't a total drag. Enjoy Grumpy Old Man below: