Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Communication cards let him (or her) know what's going on inside your head.

In the present day tech-driven world, talking face to face has taken a backseat to emailing, IMing, texting, etc. Saying how you feel is much easier to type than to say. I Want U To Know communication cards are a happy medium. Slightly more personal than an email (which we all know is the wimpy way to bring something up) and the farthest thing from sappy-looking, hand one over when you have something to say, but aren't brave enough to utter the words yourself good or bad.

The ones we might actually give:
I Love You
We Need To Talk
You Are My Best Friend
I Need You
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
My Feelings Are Hurt

The ones we wouldn't:
I Trust You
You Are a Beautiful Person
I Am Feeling Insecure
I Feel You Are Being Critical
I Do Not Trust You

The ones we would reluctantly give:
You Were Right
I Was Wrong

The one we'd run out of first:
I Feel You Owe Me An Apology
(We kid.)

There are a gazillion of them–for every possible situation. I guess you could use them as greeting cards, or if you and your S.O. have some serious communication issues, each can be returned to the deck for repeated use. These certainly won't save a doomed relationship, but at $9.95, seems as though you could patch up some rocky situations for less than $10. Not bad.

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