LC Googles Dates

LC Googles Dates

Lauren Conrad is just like us.

You ever think that 'stars' are completely different from the rest of us? And then you're like, "hey, you know, I bet that Brad Garrett from Everybody Love Raymond occasionally eats, sleeps, and excretes. And he's a pretty big star. Do you think other stars have to do the gross stuff that we peasants do?" And then you read on Digital Spy about Lauren Conrad googling dates and you're like, "Damn, I do that. I might have to start watching this The Hills program. Maybe they're doing some other awesome stuff I should get into, like kickboxing."

Tango wrote an article sometime back called "Can You Google Your Way To Love?" The theory, back in the good old days of 2006, was that you might not have to be so weird on that first date if you know more about the other person. Fine, the theory was that if this dude is/was a creep, you could forego dating Tucker Max altogether. Hey, helpful!

But is this really a stretch for pseudo-celebrities that probably Google themselves several times a day? It kind of only makes sense. Maybe we're supposed to be impressed that LC Googles her own dates rather than having an assistant do it for her or actually arrange the rendezvous like bigger stars. Remember, back in the day, when there was a rumor that Jessica Simpson used an online dating service? Or when Jesse McCartney had a JDate profile. That was weird. But one of the people in the Spencer Pratt orbit Googling herself, her friends, her dates, or her friends dates seems par for the course. What was it that guy Andy Warhol said about everybody in the future being famous for 15 minutes. Yeah, that was dumb.