Ex Is Not A Swim Fan Of Dara Torres

Ex Is Not A Swim Fan Of Dara Torres

Dara Torres has an ex-husband that doesn't care if she wins in Beijing.

There is 1 guy out there not rooting for Dara Torres to win gold in the Beijing Olympics. And that man's name is Itzhak Shasha. Fox Sports is reporting that the West Palm surgeon has heard enough about ex-wife Torres. Nothing new, exes wish each other nothing but worst everyday. How many times have you heard, 'oh, I couldn't possibly hate you more' from a couple of bitter divorcees? This story gets interesting when you combine 1) every single person on Earth is cheering for the 41-year old Torres; 2) Torres thinks everything is cool with Shasha; and 3) Torres lives with and has a child by the guy that was her and Shasha's fertility doctor.

Torres got back into the swim game after 7 years on dry land. She had some records to get back from the whippersnappers (she re-earned the 50m freestyle US crown, will make a run at the 100m record in China next month).

Fox Sports mentioned that the absolutely ripped Torres doesn't think there was really a problem with Shasha. And maybe there isn't. It's possible that he was misquoted or spoke out of frustration from media pestering.

Or he thinks it's really weird that she has a 2-year child with her fertility doctor, David Hoffman. There are not that many jobs that you really shouldn't date your clients, off the dome; psychologist, marriage therapist, lawyer, OB-GYN, masseuse, and waxer. The rest of the world is your oyster, ya'll. This is doubly a blow to Shasha in that she got knocked up after moving in with her fertility specialist. 'Was this dude sandbagging?,' would be our first question. It's like when a couple breaks up because the dude has commitment issues and years later he's famous, a world-class dad, and wed to your couples counselor.

Any thoughts on what other service-related professional that probably shouldn't date their clients? Or what kind of sh*t do Lance Armstrong or Brett Favre have to pull to not be the most beloved men in America?