What You And Obama Have in Common

Buzz, Sex

Condom wrappers can be made in your faces' likeness.

The Advocate's August issue is running a fun sidebar on artsy condoms that will hopefully help bring sexy back to protected sex (you've read recent STD statistics, right?).

The condom wrapper, perhaps sick of being tossed heartlessly aside while its contents get all the attention, has found its voice. As The Advocate points out, it could produce some interesting chemistry were a die-hard Republican to meet an Obama-adorned condom carrier. Sending condoms with Bush's likeness to the head of his abstinence program could cause a chuckle, if those people do that type of thing. Chuckling, that is.

Inspired? Here are a few amusing samples from Condomania that would be fun as gag gifts but not so much for regular use, specifically number two. Especially number two.

1. The "You" Condom

Send in an image of yourself, choose text and receive the latest creative output of your narcissism two weeks later. If you're through with having kids, put your child's face on the condom for an extra shot of birth control.

Minimum order: 30 condoms (0.84 per condom plus $25 setup) $49.95

2. The Cowboy Condom

This one's funny in a head-shaking, "Gosh this is a funny joke and nothing but a joke" way. Seriously.

$1.76 each

3. The Winston Smith Condom

What better way to impress than with a "Hey, you know that guy who did albums covers for the Dead Kennedys and contributes to The New Yorker and Spin? Yeah? Well, I have his condoms. No, not his condoms, but condoms with his designs on them. You get the point. Still horny?"

1 Dozen (.99 per condom) $11.95