Sex On The Beach A Dubai No-No


British woman jailed for indecency.

This is fun. According to Bloomberg, the company not the mayor of New York, a British citizen may face up to 6 years for having sex on the beach (the action not the cocktail or possibly both) in the UAE city of Dubai. In addition to the public intercourse, Michelle Palmer was also charged with public indecency, assaulting an officer, and sex outside of marriage. The charges were only piled on after Palmer was caught a second time that evening and swore at a police officer. Long gone, evidently, are the times when imperial powers could traipse over local laws and mores. Some Florida city recently passed a similar statute criminalizing the beach sex (no no, not Panama City, that would be unreasonable), so it's not 100% unreasonable to ask tourists to please, please not have sex in public, as a personal favor to the Emir.

No word on what happened to the man (or men) but if our knowledge of the Middle East is on point, then we'll just assume that the law agrees that this temptress should take most of the heat. But, if Dallas Austin to get some strings pulled on his coke charges in Dubai then Ms. Palmer just needs to cool her heels until the British consulate can get involved. Rumor has it that the jails in Dubai for foreigners are actually pretty posh.

We've heard a lot lately about broads behaving badly abroad lately. African sex tourism is getting popular with middle aged English women and 9 British women were recently arrested as a result of a public oral sex competition on the Greek isle of Zakynthos. Sounds fun. Any thoughts on where westerners can still go and act like a bunch of retarded spring breakers? Let's exclude Thailand, a little too obvious.