Certified Orgasmic

Certified Orgasmic

Organic products for eco-lovers are dirty, clean and green.

Looking to spice things up? The myriad love-enhancing products out there offer a little something for everyone. But what about the eco-minded? Or anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies? Enter Good Clean Love, a collection of organic lubricants, oils, butters, and other accessories that "make love sustainable." Love the tag line, adore the scents even more: lemon/vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon/vanilla, lavender/rose.

Company founder Wendy Strgar hails from Oregon, is a wife of 24 years, and has four kids (so she must know what it takes to keep the love alive, no?). Aside from producing said products, she writes and lectures on the green love movement.

If there was ever an argument for love potions, this one is quite believable:

"Love Oils are aphrodisiac blends of therapeutic grade essential oils that register in the limbic part of the brain, where sexuality, memory, and emotion are stored. As the Love Oils are inhaled the brain chemistry is actually changing, so that both partners are sharing the same unique experience."

We're sold.

Bonus! Sign up for the Summer of Love Oil Contest, and enter for a chance to win a collection of Good Clean Love products.

Good Clean Love products are sold on the site and at Whole Foods Markets.