Brangelina Babies Born

Brangelina Babies Born

French twins!

The seemingly ever-expanding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie clan welcomed two new additions on Saturday night in Nice, France: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

The twins -- born during a reportedly peaceful C-section during which Angelina was awake and laughing with an "emotional" Brad -- have already been named honorary citizens of the city on the French Riviera where they were delivered, and photos of them could fetch upwards of $10 million (for charity, of course).

Angie was helicoptered into the hospital on the coast from a 17th-century house further inland where she was awaiting the birth. The French doctor who delivered the twins made sure his fifteen minutes included a dig at the U.S. healthcare system when answering how long he expects they'll stay in the hospital:

"She will stay for a few days. You know, in Europe it isn't like in the United States, where the patients go home after three days. They will stay a bit longer until everything is okay."

Apparently the crew's hospital room has great sea views, perfect for Knox and Vivienne -- who could choose French citizenship -- to view their first Bastille Day fireworks display tonight.


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