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The Year of Celeb Babies

The Year of Celeb Babies

This year's celeb babies include Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Levi McConaughey and more!

Sick of celebrity baby news? We understand. After all 2008 had already brought brought us babies from Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, and that was before the summer even hit. We've welcomed Sunday Rose Kidman Urban and Levi McConaughey in July and we've still got Brangelina's twins and Gwen & Gavin's new bundle of joy coming in August.

It's getting to the point where baby due dates are being covered like Hollywood releases. Celebs are selling their kids pictures for millions of dollars, which should make me angry, but I do so love baby pictures!

Just don't give up yet people! I know all the coverage can get exhausting but there are some silver linings here. Just think of all the horribly awkward family photos, bizarre names, designer maternity clothes, and baby fauxhawks. If that's not enough to put a smile on your face, well then I just can't help you.


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