Man Showers: New Trend?

Man Showers: New Trend?
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Forget about linens, these guys are looking for power tools.

The Boston Herald reported on a growing wedding-planning trend: the man shower. Traditionally, the bridal shower has taken center stage, and co-ed showers have become increasingly common, but this is a first.

From the article:
Members of the Dekker family normally shower grooms-to-be with tools and gadgets at parties they've dubbed "man gatherings." They opt for informal gift wrap.

"You bring (the gift) in the plastic bag you bought it in," Nick Dekker of Columbus, Ohio, said.

The "man gatherings," usually held to coincide with the bridal shower, give the husbands, brothers and uncles an opportunity to hang out, the 29-year-old said.

A Lowe's spokesperson said the company has started an online wedding registry in 2006, explaining that, "men also are recognizing that showers are a great way to acquire tools and other necessities needed to maintain a home."

I say, why not? The poor guy always gets overshadowed by the bride and "her big day." Why not through a couple power tools his way?