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Miss Washington Goes Wild

Miss Washington Goes Wild

Surprise, surprise: Naughty photos surface.

Ah, another case of a pageant queen losing control, and another case of damaging pictures to prove it. has reported that photos of Elyse Umemoto, crowned Miss Washington 2007, flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs. Oops! The second-runner-up for Miss America also happened to be wearing her crown while performing said actions. Double oops.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller released a statement (as far as we can tell, he released it directly to Weird.) explaining how disappointed everyone is, and how her "clowning behaviors" might give the wrong impression to those who don't know her. Uh, yeah. Exactly.

Turns out the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization will not yank her crown, nor will there be any repercussions. Now that's not a very good lesson, is it?



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