Spitzer Pal To Get TV Show

Spitzer Pal To Get TV Show

Little Ashley Dupre is off to Hollywood.

Damn, we mentioned that sh*t clownin', dog. How f*cked up is you? The New York Post is reporting that Ashley "You Me And" Dupre is on the way to reality TV stardom. No, make that super stardom. The plucky musician is reportedly working with Handprint Entertainment on figuring out just how to make it happen. Supposedly, the present plan is to pitch MTV a reality dating show not unlike the 1 with Tila Tequila. The twist is that this one will have Ashley Dupre and not Tila Tequila. So far, we like the premise. Dupre recently dropped her lawsuit against Joe Francis's Girls Gone Wild empire and she probably can't really turn tricks anymore, so it's reality TV or bust.

To be honest, we were sort of joking when we suggested that Dupre and Diana Bianchi get a show. You may remember Diana Bianchi from such recent divorces cases as Christie Brinkley's from Peter Cook. She was the lil Lolita who stole Peter Cook's pants. Like Dupre, she's also an aspiring musician and thought they had a lot in common. And moving it to LA immediately solves the Long Island or Jersey Shore conundrum. MTV should stonewall until Handprint brings Bianchi into the deal. Or they can just start showing more music videos.

Side Note: Is anyone actually going to get punished in this Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal? Besides the citizens of New York?

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