Kate Moss Back On The Prowl

Kate Moss Back On The Prowl

The super model and fiance Jamie Hince had a breakup.

Whoa. That was quick but not entirely unexpected. According to Access Hollywood, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince (from rock band The Kills) had a breakup. The 2 have been engaged since, we have no idea. We do know that Kate Moss is a touch fickle in her tastes (like Drew Barrymore). It's possible that they give something to super models that makes their behavior less that predictable. Sure, that thing is called the booger sugar but it still doesn't explain Naomi Campbell or Christie Brinkley's particular brands of kooky.

Does this broken engagement imply a return to dreamboat Pete Doherty? Heavens no, we hope. But 1 of Moss's best buddies, Rhys Ifans, just came off a breakup (broken engagement, really) with Sienna Miller. Back when that little surrey with a fringe on top ran off the road we thought that the fall out (Moss threatening Miller) bore a striking resemblance to Some Kind Of Wonderful. All we need now is for Moss and Rhys Ifans to ride of in the John Hughes-ian sunset together.