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The 'Talk To Me' Pin


When pheromones don't do the trick, try jewelry.

Introducing the Talk To Me pin: the worst parts of online dating and the Home Shopping Network blended together, with a scoop of awkwardly getting hit on by random people on top. It's supposed to be a social lubricant helping gel awkward singletons together, but a yenta it is not.

The 24 karat gold pin, in the shape of the letters 'TTM,' is "an innovative breakthrough, the ultimate "icebreaker" that'll let other singles know they should talk to you. They'll recognize the letters on your pin, you see, and then come and ask you about it!

There's also some nonsense called the Virtual Business Card (or V-Biz), which someone can log into on to access your email or phone number. Yep, the product actually suggests singles ask each other for their obscure web site usernames in order to access an email or phone number rather than just asking for digits straight up. Totally stupid.

Their web site boasts the pin serves as "ultimate liberation from blind dates, speed dates, bars, clubs and the Internet." But as far as I can tell, that's just snake oil and it's just a pin that makes me wonder, whatever happened to pheromones?

(Videogum has their infomercial here. This all has to be a joke. Some idiot didn't actually invest in this, right?)


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