Lara Logan: Pregnant?

Lara Logan: Pregnant?

The CBS foreign correspondent has a love child on deck.

And the saga continues. You may remember Lara Logan from her love triangle with married contractor Joe Burkett and Michael "The Australianest Man In Iraq" Ware. Now, Media Bistro is reporting that CBS's chief foreign correspondent is all kinds of pregnant. Logan's "how did this happen?" is a slightly more reasonable question that the typical affair-with-a-married-man cum love triangle cum love child. It turns out that she had an ectopic pregnancy a while back and was under the impression that she was barren. Ruh roh. We totally know what she means. Our mom was supposed to be unable to reproduce, so you call us accidents and we call ourselves miracles, like the Incredible Hulk.

It turns out that the baby is Joe Burkett's and, as luck would have it, his divorce from Kimberley Burkett ought to be wrapped up soon. Ware will continue eating sand sandwiches and crapping glass. The baby is due in January.

Being in Iraq can't be fun for anyone but at least the reporters can booze down and amuse themselves with dangerous liaisons. The troops are, for the most part, stuck with Prozac, PlayStation, and the occasional date with Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters (or playing pinochle with Mrs. Palmer's 5 sons, for the ladies). The Army is letting some married personal bunk together in Iraq. A study recently determined that openly gay troops are no danger to unit cohesion and morale, so bases may become male versions of Wellesley.