A-Rod Is Still Getting A-Divorce

A-Rod Is Still Getting A-Divorce

Cynthia Rodriguez's divorce demands have been made public.

It's not easy having personal problems in the media capital of the world. It's especially not easy not easy for young, rich celebrities particularly for those whom the hometown paper, the New York Post (watch out for the punny headlines, sometimes they're less complicated than they seem, think of popular expressions and song titles), seems to find distasteful. Today's Post, from what we can gather, is largely about a baseball player named Alex Rodriguez and somewhat about a singer named Madonna. Rodriguez, or A-Rod, as he's known to the gossipmongers, baseball fans, friends, family, and public at large, is being divorced by a woman named Cynthia Rodriguez. She's alleging that this Madonna character bewitched this A-Rod with pop music and the Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah; plus engaged him in "an affair of the heart." That's the 2nd worst kind of affair. And that this A-Rod character was probably sleeping around. Which a stripper named Candace Houlihan seconded in the LA Times.

So, Cynthia Rodriguez is asking that she be awarded the couple's $12 million home in Miami (Florida), alimony, child support, and her Maybach (no, it's pronounced MY-BOCK). The couple has a prenup but the state of Florida has been known to ignore those in the case of infidelity. Oy. Our good friends over at Main Street put together a list of the biggest divorces in sports. Jeepers, that Michael Jordan guy must have really been good at his sport and must have really pissed off his wife.

On top of all of this, there are some ridiculous rumors that Guy Ritchie and Madonna are intentionally stoking rumors of their connubial discord as well as A-Rod's. Sure, this clusterk*ck looks nothing like an orchestrated PR move, but these are the times in which we live. Do you think any of this is orchestrated?

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