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Peephole panties offer "butt cleavage."

Butt cleavage panties -- (noun) bikini-style drawers with either a peephole or a lace-up in the back, so named for the "cleavage" view they create

"Interesting But Unnecessary!" says fashion/shopping blog of the lingerie. I have to respectfully disagree with you on that judgment, these panties are cute and totally intriguing! As someone who refuses to wear thongs because they're uncomfortable, there's something comforting about saucily showing just a tiny bit more while still being mostly covered. As is the case with all lingerie, some butt cleavage panties are are tawdry-looking, while others are just begging to be unlaced.

Of course, the concern about so-called butt cleavage is that it'll become as ubiquitous as boob cleavage. I'm reminded of a chat I had with a friend recently -- a straight, red-blooded American male -- who rolled his eyes at a lady we saw on the street, whose mostly-exposed breasts were bouncing around her tiny dress. "Enough already with the cleavage! It's only June!" He moaned, exasperated. "It doesn't need to be everywhere!" I teased him that he's the only dude who feels this way, but he insists lots of guys think it's more special for a girl to only reveal her goodies in the bedroom.

Should my buddy be concerned about the new cleavage on the block? A gal would have to be wearing some very low-riding jeans in order to show off her butt cleavage, so the world is still safe for the delicate eyes...for now.

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(Oh, but panty-naming people? This trend seriously needs a sexier name than "butt cleavage.")