Are There Gardasil Complications?

Are There Gardasil Complications?

Does the vaccine have side-effects?

Hey, remember when big pharma came out with a drug that was a vaccine against HPV/ cervical cancer? And the only reason not to take it was that maybe it was an encouragement to have sex, possibly sans protection. It was sort of a red state/ blue state issue along the lines of abstinence-only sex ed. But curiously, we never heard about any of the negative effects of the drug. Oh, there has to be side-effects, right? Even cold medication has that sweet medicine-head side-effect. Beer helps people make bad decisions, et cetera. What gives, wonder drug?

Then we came across an article in yesterday's New York Post that was a major eye-opener on Gardasil. We would have linked to it, but for some reason it's not showing up on their website. Weird. Maybe they got the story wrong and have a retraction in today's paper. Maybe Merck spends a bit of money advertising. Anyway, we don't pretend to understand medical whathaveyous beyond Rest Ice Compress Elevate so we'll let Digital Journal describe the investigation into Gardasil's potential issues, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It could be that a Federal inquiry is politically motivated and big media is doing its best so stay above the fray, that's the ticket.