A-Rod Divorce Craziness

A-Rod Divorce Craziness

Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce in Miami today.

Per the New York Post, Yankee Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, has filed for divorce. C-Rod (worst nickname ever) sited infidelity and neglect in her divorce petition. This story and its orbital proximity to Madonna are really beginning to get bizarre.

Divorce/ infidelity claims are pretty standard fair for the celeb set but this thing makes a hard right turn into the crazy town parking lot when Dodd Romero opened his mouth. In case you missed it, Romero, A-Rod's longtime trainer, claims that the slugger has been 'brainwashed' by Madonna and/or Kabbalah. Romero says that A-Rod would go into a Mango-like trance when a Madge video came on during their workouts and that Rodriguez would only jam out to Madonna music in his car. Yeah, and? This seems a little farfetched but Romero is the godfather of both of the Rodriguez's children.

On the other side of things, it looks like that rumor that Cynthia Rodriguez is a little too close with Lenny Kravitz probably ain't true. He's a family friend and evidently 1 of Romero's clients. And Madonna claims that A-Rod is not stray-Rodding with her. She also claims that her marriage is in good shape too and that you should probably go buy her album and pay $200 to go to one of her concerts.* We're probably getting a clearer picture of why Derek Jeter is still single.

A-Rod has, meanwhile, gone about his business, tied Mickey Mantle on the all-time homerun list, got the most All-Star votes, and hit a homer in the Yankees win over the Red Sox yesterday. Maybe this is all part of his plan to mentally condition himself for hitting during the playoffs.

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*Note: Madonna did say the thing about her marriage and Alex Rodriguez, we inferred the part about the album and concert.