Sex Prevents ED

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No time for dysfunction if you just keep functioning.

Erectile Dysfunction. The mere words send shivers up the spines of middle-aged (and sometimes younger) fellas. The thought of not being master of one's own domain is too much to bear. And so an entire mega-industry has grown around defending and reviving manhood. We call this industry medical science. But this boner-industrial complex could be a house of Viagra tablets if new data from a Finnish study proves true.

It turns out that if you don't use it you do lose it. Ergo, if you do use it you won't lose it. Therefore, the best way to prevent an unresponsive wang is by having sex. is reporting that the study shows that 79 out of 1,000 men who have sex less than weekly have the ED. And men that have sex weekly pick up the ED at a clip of 32 per 1,000. And the thrice-weekly fornicators have ED at a rate of 16 of 1,000.

Dr. Juha Koskimaki of Tampere University Hospital did the deed on the data from Finland (which was collected over 5 years from men ranging from 55 to 75). So, if you want to keep having sex, quit smoking and keep having sex. The only comparable advice to this would be make and save a lot of money, if you want to be rich. Oh and invest well. Too bad you can't fix tennis elbow by playing more tennis or swimmer's ear by swimming more.