Brinkley Divorce Is Getting Messy-er

Brinkley Divorce Is Getting Messy-er
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The legal team for the former model already have all guns blazing.

Against all better advice, Peter Cook decided not to fold his hand and now his divorce from Christie Brinkley is in a real, live, public, divorce court. The fireworks began today as, according to the New York Post, Cook admitted that he hired teenager Diana Bianchi with the intention of getting her in the bed. Mission accomplished, dingus.

Evidently, Brinkley's legal team seeks to paint Cook in the most negative light possible and in the month that the trial is to progress we'll hear about Cook's every indiscretion from up to 60 witnesses. In this divorce case, we'll hear about trolling the net for f*ck buddies, jerking off on web cam for strangers, and a $3,000-per-month interweb porn addiction. He must have gotten the complete package. Like the one where the stars send you their worn undies to do with what you please. At 100 bucks a day it's the monetary equivalent of a minor league yayo habit. Wow.

These guys probably could have done with marriage counseling or therapy. But instead, Team Brinkley is out to prove that love hurts but the consequences of betrayal hurt more. Judging by today's showing the defense team for Cook is going to accuse Brinkley of being a bad mom, take their lumps, and hope for the best. Ahh, the classic 'rope-a-dope' strategy. They better hope that they have something better up their sleeves than "She smiles like that for everyone. She's not really that nice. Don't be surprised if this court sees a nearly identical case with Katie Couric's husband or the Mona Lisa's husband." If it's all the same with you, we're going to check out on this 1 until it ends or something awesome happens. See you at the end.