Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan Are Over

Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan Are Over

The Planet Terror duo had a little breakup.

Jezebel is reporting that filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and scream queen Rose McGowan have more or less had enough (or each other, no suicide pact here). The 2 got together on the set of the grindhouse-tastic Planet Terror. Sure, at the time Rodriguez was married but starlets and directors have a certain connection that a man could never share with his wife. But all is not well in Undeadsylvania. It turns out that a remake of Barbarella (the brightest point in the Jane Fonda experience) needs a higher caliber star than Rose McGowan (per the studio flacks).

And what relationship could survive the bait & switch implicit in a sci-fi cult classic psychout? Yeah, none. It reminds us that the McGowan and Marilyn Manson breakup was because he had to back out on his promise to let her sing lead vocals on his cover of "Sweet Child Of Mine." Or was it that he's freaky deak for real and she just acts like it?

It's a sad day when the fearless director (Rodriguez) of Desperado has to breakup with his grenade launcher-legged muse (McGowan) over creative differences. Yeah, they're the least reconcilable of all the differences just ahead of differences of opinion and lightyears ahead of differences of taste.