Tila Tequila Gets The Heisman

kristy morgan

Kristy Morgan turns Shot At Love finale inside out.

Kristy Morgan has done it. She's won Tila Tequila's pint-sized heart. And then ripped it in half in 1 fell swoop. Morgan, who has appeared in the Playboy magazine, was nervous going into the show's finale. At the end of an emotional episode, Tila decided that Kristy was the contestant for her. Kristy Morgan is also not really bisexual (or something) and thus turned down her Shot At Love with the diminutive MySpace queen. Double TT did not take this well and ran off, presumably screaming that she's the heartbreaker not the heartbreakee.

While we enjoyed the condign ending, it begs the question, "are these producers the most brilliant television people alive?" She, Tequila, picked a dude, Bobby Banhart, last time around. So we knew, formulaically, that she was bound to pick a lady this time around. Fine. She dumped Bobby Banhart (or rather never spent time with him) as the casting flyers for Season 2 were being posted. So, is it really a surprise that a contestant launched a preemptive strike? Gold star, MTV. Gold star.

Would we have accepted her dumping another winner just as a new show was being put together? Would we have had an iota of sympathy? Nah, brah. But now, Tila Tequila is 1 of us. She's had her feelings stomped on by some capricious bitch. We're all now obligated to help her find someone new (in addition to her real life boyfriend). Brilliant. We feel really bad for the next winner though. The next logical progression in contestant disposal is for that poor bastard to die. Omelette: eggs. Good TV: innocent lives.

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