Are You A Flexo-Sexual?

Are You A Flexo-Sexual?
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True Hook Up Confessions of a bi-curious nature.

Anyone who has been at a bar when it closes at 2am is familiar with the tendency of otherwise "straight" women to suddenly become "flexo-sexual" for the amusement of onlooking men. Obviously in this territory, stereotypes and double standards are plentiful, but when the shot glasses get put back on the shelf, what is the truth about bi-curious feelings?

Some of our True HookUp Confessions readers have been buzzing about their same-sex turn ons. Check out what they said:

I like kissing girls, and the feel of breasts, but I have no desire to perform oral sex on a woman, and I have no desire to see another woman with my husband - I would FLIP. *sigh* I just want to play with a girl, but that seems like an impossible situation to find.

Would freak if I told you how I really feel about you? Would you end our friendship if I told you that I am in love with you?

I love my husband very much and we have a great life together. However, I am in love with my best friend. I will never tell her though.

I hooked up with a random guy a few weeks ago and didn't tell my girlfriend. I needed to know for sure if I was gay or not. After having sex with him I realized that I could never again be attracted to a man. Now, I'm sure I want to be with my girl but I could never tell her about the encounter.

I have been conversing with another woman through email. We both want to be with a woman to try it, but are nervous to meet up. Were both in relationships that we don't want our significant others to find out. The more I talk to her, the more I want to be with her. I love emailing her but I want to touch her. Why can't this be easier?

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