Choosing a Honeymoon Location?

Choosing a Honeymoon Location?

Start with this book.

Responsibility-free time off of work with your brand spankin' new husband and a license to splurge, if only just a little. Oh, and this is a vacation you'll remember and rehash for the rest of your life.

Needless to say, planning a honeymoon can be taxing. Like most things in life, it's easier once you take your first baby step.

So, before you hit up Amazon or the aisles of B & N, buying full-length travel guides to every country and city that's ever struck your fancy, just buy this one: 101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion, a four-by-six-inch illustrated guide offering brief rundowns of what worldwide honeymoon locales have to offer.

With destinations divided into eight sections ranging from luxurious to adventure to cosmopolitan, it helps to narrow what you're looking for from your 'moon and where you can likely find it. Does taking a thermal bath in ancient waters and learning to say "I love you" in native Quechuan sound up your alley? Check out Machu Picchu. Or would you rather sip cocktails in a sarong after horseback riding on the beach? Anguilla might have you and your honey's name written all over it.

I especially liked learning about "The Alexander the Great Yacht" which cruises down the Nile, and the plethora of outdoor activities and spring cherry blossoms that bloom in the Fuji Lake Region of Japan.

This would also make for a fun engagement gift and is certainly good for daydreaming in between discussing whether or not to invite Great Aunt Helen's stepdaughter's on-again, off-again boyfriend to the wedding.

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