The Mango Is Married

The Mango Is Married

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt tied the knot this weekend.

"No. I hate you!" Some people say annoying but we call him underrated and too little used, Chris Kattan got married over the weekend. The lady he married (yes, he married a woman) is a model by the name of Sunshine Tutt (unfortunate name, nice-seeming girl). The 2 have been dating for like 3 years and engaged for a year and a half. He told People that he couldn't get any professional singers (like Justin Timberlake or Paul McCartney) to help with the proposal and settled for the old engagement ring in a shabby box trick. Which is the opposite in form and function of the engagement ring in a balloon trick.

We saw A Night At The Roxbury recently and think that he needs another shot as a headliner. Sure, Corky Romano wasn't great but was that 100% his fault? Checking out his IMDB page, it looks like he's keeping busy. Check out Mango below and let us know if you think that could sustain a 90 minute film.

Yeah, that wouldn't work for more than 90 seconds. You guy's want some cookies?