Sienna Miller With Another Married Dude?

Sienna Miller With Another Married Dude?

The "home wrecker" label is really hard to ditch.

We suppose that we know live in an era that we can and should expect anything from Sienna Miller, we keep getting surprised by her. Though everyone denies it, she was around for the P-Diddy breakup and she was mentioned in the same breath as Sean Penn's non-divorce. Home wrecker, pshaw. But we got past all that when she started dating the delightful/ slightly unbalanced Rhys Ifans. They were engaged and then split. Then she had to start watching her back for Kate Moss. And nothing for almost 3 whole weeks. Was she taking time for herself? Or was she having a fling with another married may as The Daily Mail suggests?

According to The Mail, Miller and Balthazar Getty have been spotted in clandestine meetings in Los Angeles. We're glad she's rebounding so quickly but it turns out Getty (part of the big oil Gettys) is married with 4 little shavers. Rumor has it when news of this rumor broke, his wife Rosetta dragged the kids to Italy to wait this out. You may know Balthazar Getty from his TV show Brothers & Sisters. He plays a brother, Tommy Walker.

OK, we know that "girls just wanna have fun" and "blondes have more fun," but isn't it high time that Sienna Miller stops punishing mankind for Jude Law's indiscretions? We know, he's smarmy and the remake of Alfie was sort of retarded but the revenge tour has to end some time. Sure, having revenge sex feels awesome and sneaking around provides an incredible rush but so do healthy relationships and bungee jumping, respectively.