Fido's Love Lessons

Fido's Love Lessons

The key to a happy relationship? Treat him like a dog, reports Cincinnati news station WLWT. Well, somewhat. The station's web site covers a new book, DogSense, which tells readers to take relationship cues, namely, unconditional love, from their pets.

Author Carla Genender told the site:
"At the beginning, it is so intense and so wonderful," she said of all relationships. "The longer you are in, no matter how good it is, the more you focus on the negative."

So what's the fix? One tip Genender offers is simple:
Greet your spouse like your pooch does when you return home pure excitement.

I have to say, Genender speaks the truth when it comes to negativity down the road in long-term relationships. It's much easier to focus on why he's half an hour late than simply being glad that he's home. Communication is key. I'll try it tonight and let you know how it works. Arf.

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