Gossip Girl Dudes Straight & Narrow


Chace Crawford's rep says he's straight. Good enough for Us.

In an attempt to put the rumors (and Gossip, et al) to bed, Chace Crawford's rep told Us Weekly that "These endless rumors are absolutely untrue." Good to know. We think that should eliminate any and all concern over Chace Crawford's sexuality. Just because a dude is slender, has shapely eyebrows, and has that haircut with the feathered bangs doesn't automatically make him a gay, OK?

This round of 'Chase is gay' got cranking when a few bloggers claim to have seen Crawford and Ed Westwick tongue-wrestling on the Gossip Girl set a little while back. It probably doesn't help that they're roommates and who knows what goes on behind closed curtains. They say they're not, good enough for us. Want further evidence?

It was Westwick's 21st birthday the other night and he didn't take body shots off of Crawford nor did the party wind up at Hunkmania or Hunk-O-Mania (as far as we know). Evidence 2, just because a guy makes out a little with another guy doesn't make him gay, does it? There were a ton of guys making out in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan yesterday and we assume that they were excited that Spain won some soccer match. Note: we did not see Ed or Chace among the revelers.

The only evidence 'for' is that JC Chasez referred to Crawford as a "great guy" and said that he's "happy for him." Despite being taken totally out of context, they do sound like someone says about their ex, right? Rumor also has it that Crawford broke up with Carrie Underwood by text message, which is pretty gay.

Do you think Chace and Ed are getting frisky?