Aussie Life For Sale Finale

Aussie Life For Sale Finale

Australian Ian Usher has successfully auctioned off his life.

A dude in Australia got divorced and decided that he was sick (and tired) of his life and wanted to try something new. But he still had all the trappings of his former life: home, job, friends, jet skis. So he decided that he'd finance his new life by flipping his old life on eBay. After selling off his belongings, amigos, and career, Ian Usher was going to collect the cash, scoop up his passport, and head for parts unknown. He valued his belongings at about $385,000.

Starting over is never easy, but this is as close as we've seen to pressing the reset button. So, the 1-week eBay auction that was to precede Ian Usher's rebirth began in earnest last week. And it was off-to-the-races as the bidding started. Initial bids, that turned out to be phony, were up to like $1.7 million. When the dust settled, the old life of Ian Usher was worth about $400,000, according to The Guardian. Which means that a 2-week trial and introduction to his friends is worth $15,000. Yeah, that sounds about right. So, dude's got his backpack, wallet, passport, and is ready for new horizons. Huzzah for him.

This was a bad idea. Honestly, who would really have paid a premium for some guy's stuff? If he was that sick of his life, why would someone else have wanted it? And do things like this really freak out the establishment? You're not supposed to be able to just walk away. If everyone kirked out after their divorce, society would fall on its ear. This makes auctioning off a bridesmaid spot in your wedding look like a good idea. Not that we'd read it, but this Ian Usher should keep a travel blog. He could discuss his adventures on his ultra-walkabout and retrace where things went wrong. "Day 33. I should have purchased travel insurance. Or medical insurance. But no one would sell me those things without a mailing address. I'm probably going to lose this foot. I wonder if my ex-wife would go for marriage counseling."