Madonna Divorce Madness

Madonna Divorce Madness

Divorce advice may be on both parties wish lists.

According to Female First, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are in some trouble. We mentioned a couple weeks back that the Material Girl has been getting divorce advice from some of Sir Paul McCartney's legal team (including Nicholas Mostyn and Fiona Shackleton). And that's starting to look more like a done deal. Evidently, Guy doesn't want to make a big deal of this and hadn't been floating any balloons that read "Save My Marriage." Which seems in line with his character. Or the characters in his better films that we've always assumed are stand-ins for him. FF also say that he's had enough of the Kabbalah. The family that prays together stays together and the converse, evidently.

The editors over at Jossip are literally (figuratively) kirking out about the implications of NBC's The Today Show airing these rumors. Apparently, the morning shows have a long tradition of softballing bigger stars to get them to come on the show. "OK guys, I know that Fergie peed her pants but first off, show of hands, who among us hasn't peed our pants on stage? That's why we like doing taped shows 'round here. And numero B, who here wants to miss out on an opportunity to rock out with Fergie and maybe see Josh Duhamal with his shirt off? That's what I thought."

Anyways, minions in the Madonna camp have not chastised NBC nor have they responded to affirm reports. In short, no one's said anything either way, may the chips fall where they may, and may God have mercy on everyone's soul.

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