Cannon & Carey: Does The Fun Ever Start?

Cannon & Carey: Does The Fun Ever Start?

Are Mariah and Nick on the ropes already?

Yoychi. Bossip is reporting from some conflicting sources on the health of the Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon marriage. Word on the street is that old girl's been bossing Nick Cannon around like it ain't no thing. And her staff is even getting in on the act. Other people say Mariah Carey just likes being on top (big surprise).

We'll see how long this thing lasts. In our office pool we have "forever." Which may have been a touch optimistic. We hope they work it out. We're praying (both for and against, if that makes sense) that Nick Cannon will start writing troubled relationship poetry:
"Images" by Nick Cannon

Dark and lonely on a summer's night.
Kill Mariah. Kill Mariah.
Gold card shopping. Will it be tight?
Kill Mariah. Kill Mariah.
Slip in her pantyhose. Collar my neck.
Then her ass I start to peck.
It's pleasin', what the feck?
Kill Mariah. Kill Mariah.
C-I-L Mariah!

Check out the video below for the original "Images" by Tyrone Green.