Bride Auctions Off Bridesmaid Spot

Bride Auctions Off Bridesmaid Spot

Enlists eBay to fill bridal party slot.

We're not sure if Virginia Beach resident and bride-to-be Kelly Gray could find a final gal pal to complete the bridal party or she was just looking to make some extra cash, but she put a bridesmaid spot in her upcoming wedding on eBay, according to The New York Times. Usually, people inwardly grumble when asked to be part of the wedding, if you've been in enough, you know the all-too-familiar grumble. The money you'll be spending, the mandatory bachelorette-party attendance. Who would pay to partake? (Sorry, brides.) Weird, right?

Ever weirder, the 23-year-old hairdresser was surprised to learn that the winning bid came from corporate behemoth Dr. Pepper-Snapple. Yes, she's got sponsorship. The auctions topped out a little over $7K, but the company is offering Gray $10K. The catch? Gray doesn't know who will be in her wedding party. Dr. Pepper-Snapple is figuring out the best marketing angle.

Hmmm….this could get complicated. Check it out here.


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