Breakups on Ice

Breakups on Ice

Angry lover bites her BF's ear off.

Here's a cringeworthy breakup story for you: 32-year-old Louise Croxon of England bit off her ex-boyfriend's ear after he dumped her. She just gnawed right through the skin. Yuck!

The Daily Mail reports that the couple had been on the rocks, met up at a pub, some beer was accidentally spilled, words were exchanged, and this lady lunged, teeth bared:

Despite his screams, [Croxon] refused to let go until her teeth had completely severed it.
She then spat the piece of bloody flesh on to the floor.

Fortunately a barman managed to rescue it and put it into an ice bucket.

Oh, my. I'm speechless.

Her punishment? A fine of $2,500 and a year's worth of therapy. A slap on the wrist, I say. This is one of the grossest domestic violence stories I've ever heard. Who did this woman think she was, some kind of vigilante reverse-Van Gogh?

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