Lara Logan: American

Lara Logan: American

The CBS war correspondent many have gotten a little loose in Iraq.

You may know Lara Logan as that hot, badass war correspondent for CBS but, according to Jossip, she may also be a home wrecker. In a story straight out of, well, any movie, book, comic, fantasy, or tale involving lady war correspondents, it looks like the boredom and terror of living in a warzone caught up to her.

A woman from Texas, Kimberly Burkett, claims that Logan broke up her marriage to her State Department contractor husband Joe. As much as that sucks, it's a friggin' war and they're human beings. It would have been way weirder if they'd started dating townies. Like international incident weird.

The story really gets humming when it's brought to light that Logan has something going with CNN roughneck Michael Ware. You may know Ware as "The Nose" but we prefer to call him "The Most Australianest Man in Iraq." As this clusterf*ck got triangular tempers boiled. Ware and Burkett evidently threw down in a Baghdad not-so safe house.

We were always under the assumption that what happens in Iraq stays in Iraq, so it's hard to fold anyone's feet to the fire on this. If no beer and no TV makes Homer go crazy, you can only imagine what happens when you add bombs, bullets, and unreliable air conditioning to the mix.

When this becomes either a made-for-TV movie in 2 months or a feature film in 5 years (if they green light it tomorrow), then we'd replace the State Dept contractor with a young, idealistic CIA operative and basically cast Ware as himself. This would have been a perfect role for Jodie Foster like 15 years ago. Forget it, Abbie Cornish or Cameron Diaz will probably get the part.